Welcome to Bokkie & Rilla, the home of handknits.

Founded back in 2021 during a time of lockdown and maternity leave, we tapped into our love for children's fashion and unique pieces.

At Bokkie & Rilla, we take pride in sourcing the finest knits from a talented tribe of independent knitters. Each piece is meticulously crafted with utmost care.

In the Customised Knit section, you'll find a selection of our knits that receive a special touch of embroidery from yours truly. These unique pieces, lovingly customized by myself, add an extra layer of charm and personality.

At Bokkie & Rilla, our core values revolve around being small-scale, unique, and committed to quality. We believe these pillars are what make our brand special and set us apart.

We pour our love and passion into every stitch, and it is customers like you who make Bokkie & Rilla thrive. So big thanks for visiting the store! Jenna x

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